Southern Loop

Where once silver drew settlers to boom and bust towns, today's residents count their fortune in dwelling in close-knit communities, with natural beauty and quiet as their treasure. In Hatch and parts south, New Mexico chile radiates in rows from the river, amid cotton fields and enchanted pistachio and pecan groves.

It's all about passion, the desire to sit in quiet meditation on color and design, growing from the connection between knowing fingers and focused mind. Yet, handworkers crave community, gathering together to stretch creativity, earn a livelihood from their hands, and share in life's unfolding stories. Here you know there's strength in numbers. In fiber-based organizations and programs, in cooperative and group galleries, in fiber businesses – everyone is of value to the larger whole. Spectacular scenery, welcoming artists eager to share their extraordinary fiber creations, and an open invitation to participate. What more could you desire?

S - Percha CreekS - Celestial CreationsS - Monte CristoS - Doc CampbellS - The MarketplaceS - Common ThreadS - Cat BryschS - Shepherd Studios

Southern Loop Sites

The Marketplace, Magdalena
Grasshopper Silk , Elephant Butte
Celestial Creations, Truth or Consequences
Geronimo Springs Museum , Truth or Consequences
The Common Thread , Silver City
Yada Yada Yarn , Silver City