North Central Loop

New Mexico fiber arts grow organically from the land and the cultures it nurtures. The people are as varied as the landscape: Pueblo communities with roots growing deep into the soil, centuries-old Hispanic villages tucked into fertile valleys, artist communities re-inhabiting abandoned mining and mill towns. Their stories are an interwoven tapestry, built row upon row into striking patterns, at once familiar and new.

Visit home studios, long-established workshops, yarn emporiums brimming with color and inspiration, fiber farms inhabited by fleece-covered creatures, galleries abundant with local treasure and community centers built around fiber arts. If you’re moved to nurture your own creativity, the materials and willing teachers are close at hand.

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North Central Loop Sites

Black Mesa Fiber Arts , South of Española
Tejedoras de Las Trampas, Las Trampas area
Metier , Dixon
Sandrasilk , Tijeras (west of Edgewood)