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North Central Loop Trail

To the north, back roads beckon, weaving along river valleys, winding through velvet mountains and red rock canyons sculpted by time, crossing plains that stretch as far as the eye can see. The land speaks in textures. Sage, golden chamisa, violet asters, and grasses cover the earth in a blanket of natural hues.
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Northwest Loop Trail

Some of New Mexico’s earliest history is written in fiber. Across centuries, our dry climate has been kind, leaving yucca sandals, cotton blankets, and baskets to behold and ponder. All speak of deft fingers that gathered materials from the land and crafted things of beauty, for practical use, for ceremonial practice, for the joy of creation.
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Southern Loop Trail

Thread your way south along the Río Grande, accompanied on its route by majestic cottonwood bosques and villages settled like pearls on a string. The land opens into the Chihuahuan desert, with sage giving way to creosote, mesquite, towering yucca sentinels, stands of prickly pear, graceful ocotillo, and carpets of wildflowers in the spring, a vibrant tapestry of random colors.
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