The Common Thread

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The heart of southern New Mexico's fiber arts community is home to the Southwest Women's Fiber Arts Collective.  SWFAC is a nonprofit organization bridging rural isolation by providing mutual support for regional fiber artists to grow artistically and economically.  Their classes and programs bring quality learning opportunities to local underserved populations.  The common thread within this diverse group is their passion for fiber arts and a commitment to building more vibrant communities through creativity and connection.  In their elegant Silver City gallery, more than 60 area artists show an astonishing array of work: hand-woven and knitted wearables, rugs, felted sculptures, petit point, handmade paper, colorful baskets, crochet, quilts, beaded headdresses, and more.  Also available are handspun yarn, hand-dyed fat quarters and silk squares, and handmade buttons.  Visit with the artists - they're the staff and regular droppers-by.  SWFAC publishes an annual fiber artists' directory, emails members, and participates in several shows annually.  Inquire about classes, volunteer opportunities, and fiber arts summer camp.

107 W. Broadway
Silver City
(575) 538-5733
Site No. 59