Tips for Travelers

Hours Update 

Many sites - especially individual studios, farms, and ranches - are now open by appointment only, or have new hours. This allows artist entrepreneurs the time to do their work. Please make sure to contact your hosts while you plan your trip. All of the Trails sites have phones.  In addition, most museums, training centers, workshops, and galleries have their own websites, which you may visit for current business hours.  Since weather can also affect business hours, it never hurts to call prior to departure.  Please note the new 575 area code for many formerly 505 numbers.

Pets and Animals

With the exception of service animals, please do not bring pets to Fiber Arts Trails sites out of consideration for the animals who live – and work – along the Trails.

Visitors with Special Needs

Sites vary in accessibility, but sites without wheelchair accessible restrooms often are located near public facilities.  It’s best to call ahead to sites on your itinerary to confirm specific accommodations and changes since the guide’s publication.  

Food and Lodging

New Mexico is a traveler’s paradise, with local eateries and accommodations aplenty.  Ask your Fiber Arts Trails hosts for recommendations for those fabulous, out-of-the-way places.  Some sites offer their own lodging, an added treat!

Rural Travel

This is a rural guide, inviting you to wander off the beaten path and explore New Mexico’s back roads. The Trails meander through diverse ecosystems, but our dry climate and high elevation are constants throughout. Be sure to bring plenty of water. Fill your tank before heading out on long stretches of open road, as gas pumps can be few and far between, and some rural areas do not have cell phone reception. Some sites are located on dirt or gravel roads where access may be challenging, especially after rain or snow. A call ahead to site hosts for advice will give you peace of mind. In winter months especially, check all road conditions and weather forecasts before striking out on the Trails. See our Resources for Travelers page for more information about road conditions in New Mexico.

Take the Time

The fiber arts invite us to take time out, to create, to observe, to run fingers over sumptuous textures, to call on passionate people with stories to tell, to meet charming fiber animals, and to understand fiber processes – from fleece to finish. Leave yourself time to visit with and buy work from hosts, and to travel scenic byways, explore local attractions, and lose yourself in the Land of Enchantment.

Other Activities on the Fiber Arts Trails

The Fiber Arts Trails will have special appeal for fiber artists and aficionados, and we anticipate there will be converts along the way. Families and young people will relish the occasion to learn about – or even try – fiber arts processes themselves, or visit with fiber animals. Sites carrying fiber arts supplies and those offering classes or workshops are ideal for indulging your fiber arts passions.

Because the trails traverse stunning landscapes, many with public access to hiking, camping, skiing, cycling, fishing, birdwatching, and more – and areas of great cultural, historical, and archeological interest – we heartily believe that there is something for everyone on the New Mexico Fiber Arts Trails. Happy trails!